About Ruth's Photos

The Artist,

Ruth's journey as a Photographer has taken her from her home town of Melbourne, Australia to taking photographs around the globe.

Her work spans a variety of genres mainly focusing on Landscape, portraits and special events.  Her Travels have given her the opportunity to capture the beauty of nature and freezing it forever and giving you the chance to share that moment and be inspired.  


Her goal is to be as good as she can be, achieve the best that she can achieve, to always have the desire and the passion. To be able to capture the beautiful, spontaneous and ever changing beauty of our amazing world, which we sometimes take for granted. Photography is her passion in everyway. It is a part of her that never stops learning and growing. It has opened her eyes to a world of amazing beauty, like the saying "stop and smell the roses". Her saying is "Stop and capture the moment".


AIPP EPSON PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY AWARD: Awarded a silver with a score of 83 and two bronze awards.