Rye Ocean Beach, Dragon Head

Cost: $50

Skill Level: Easy

Maximum event size: 1-5

When: Saturday 23rd March 2019, 5.30pm low tide and sunset.

Breakfast Coffee: As per great demand I am carrying out a workshop at Rye Ocean Beach, for photographers who just want to hang around together and Beginners to Intermediate level who want to learn the skills of Landscape photography, or just using a camera to its potential.

This will be a fun easy going workshop, capturing Dragon Head on low tide, beautiful rock pools and sunset.Recommended equipment:

Camera, tripod, cable release, wide angle lens and Filters, if you have them.

Techniques covered:

Landscape, sunset, composition, shadow, light.

Share your images with us:

we'd love to see what you capture. Please share your images from the event by posting on Facebook: Ruth Yates Photography. or #ruthcanon on instagram.

*Next up and coming Workshop will be held at Brighton Sea Baths on Friday 12th April 7.00pm on sunset.